AJG offers powdercoated windows and doors. This popular surface finish is a hard, durable baked-on coating that is ideal for the Fiji environment. But not only that, it is available in a wide range of colours to suit every taste.

Duratec Powdercoat Range

Our aluminium joinery is finished using Duratec powdercoat. Duratec is a highly durable polyester system for more severe coastal and multi-storey exposures. It's suitable for properties greater than 10m from high tide level and carries a 20-year film integrity warranty with colour integrity of 15 years depending on colour chosen.

AJG powdercoating is carried out by the leading NZ surface finishing company, Colourworks, a subsidiary of APL Window Solutions.

Popular Duratec colours

The colours shown are an onscreen guide only and no guarantee can be given that they will be an exact colour match for the finished product. View our physical swatches for an exact match.

Arctic White 91558851
Matt Appliance White 9151274M
Matt Warm White Pearl 9151176K
Matt Titania 9152068M
Matt Canvas Cloth 9157327M
Matt Off White 9153144M
Matt Desert Sand 9153065M
Matt Bronco 9152111M
Matt Ironsand 9158096M
Window Bronze 9158068K
Matt Metropolis® Electric Cow 9158028K
Matt New Denim Blue 9155063M
Silver Pearl 9157113K
Matt Sandstone Grey 9157217M
Palladium Silver 2727136K
Matt Charcoal 9159058M
Matt Flax Pod 9159145M
Metropolis® Coal Dust 9159069K
Matt Black 9159041M
Refer to Dulux® for Duratec® colour codes.
® Dulux, Duralloy, Duratec and Metropolis are registered trade marks of Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings. Altherm uses Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings.